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METRO-COUNTY ENFORCEMENT SERVICES is providing SPECIAL SECURITY PATROLS in the Elkhart County area. Our agency specializes in providing community protection with an emphasis on vehicle patrols. Our Patrol Cars are an excellent deterrent to criminal activities as well as providing a sense of peace and security for your patrons and residents.

As you already know, Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies are faced with millions of dollars in budget cuts resulting in fewer officers on patrol, delayed response times to calls for assistance, and a shortage of police presence in many jurisdictions.

We at METRO-COUNTY understand the frustrations and concerns that many businesses and property owners face each day with the rising crime rates as well as a shortage a protective presence. We also understand that many security guard companies “fall short” of your expectations.

Our distinctive blue & white patrol cars are professionally marked and highly visible. When our vehicles arrive on your property, your customers, staff, and residents immediately get a sense of safety and peace of mind. While the good guys appreciate our presence, the bad guys, also known as the criminal element, are deterred from committing crimes or other ill-will on or against you and your property.

A Few benefits we offer:

* We are fully insured as per Indiana state laws.

* A professionaly marked patrol vehicle will conduct patrols, or when appropriate, we can provide an unmarked patrol vehicle. Ask me about having a fully marked patrol vehicle dedicated to your properties during the patrol coverage hours (typical patrol coverage is from 8pm to 4 am).

* Well trained professional uniformed officers.

* Free service of eviction notices or late payment notices may be available.

* Reporting of any maintenance issues that may affect safety such as burned out street lights, security lights, as well as damage to roadways or vacant buildings.

* We respond to and handle most of the following types of calls for service:

Noise complaints, parking complaints, suspicious activities or persons, suspected use of illegal substances, trespass complaints, injuries or other emergencies occurring on the property, domestic disturbances and fight calls, and much more.


NOTICE: We will take necessary actions to minimize fights and domestic disputes as well as other emergencies, we will secure the scene until the police and other emergency personnel arrive. MCES will then take a support role as needed.

* Daily activity reports and incident reports which can be paper or emailed.

* Our patrol clients receive occasional patrol visits during daytime hours at no additional charge.

Contact our office to schedule a visit by one of our representatives. We look forward to serving you. 



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