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Thank you for taking a few moments to learn about our agency.  As you already know, police departments across the country are faced with millions of dollars in budget cuts resulting in fewer officers on patrol, delayed response times to calls for assistance, and transportation of prisoners often leaves a patrol area with less coverage, all of which over-taxes police officers with downtime. Due to these issues, many communities are struggling to maintain safe and secure environments for their families, friends, and businesses.

You may ask "What does this have to do with me?" Well, we all know the frustration of observing illicit behavior, suspicious persons, vandalism, and thefts. We call 911 and try to maintain visual contact with the bad guy. Unfortunately the bad guy is long gone when the police finally arrive.

IT IS NOT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT'S FAULT!!! Many officers starting their shifts log into their car computers just to find a multitude of pending calls stacked up. They are working as hard as they can to resolve other calls that may be of a higher priority which often leads to saving lives.  Frustrating? certainly. But there is help, and the answer is our agency, METRO-COUNTY ENFORCEMENT SERVICES - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!.

Our Story

Our Approach

Our Story


Every business has a beginning, and every business starts with a passion for providing products and services to its customers.  METRO-COUNTY ENFORCEMENT SERVICES was created with the vision of providing SPECIAL SECURITY PATROLS to businesses of all types and for residential communities in an effort to promote a safe and secure way of life for families within our communities.

At METRO-COUNTY,  we strive to assist the Law Enforcement Community by handling many types of calls for service from our clients, call that may be considered a lower priority for law enforcement which will free them up to provide a quicker response to higher priority emergencies, many of which can lead to saving lives. Our highly visible patrol cars  help  deter criminal activities in communities where law enforcement is often understaffed due to budget constraints.

At METRO-COUNTY it is not our intention to imply that  law enforcement agencies are incapable of doing their jobs, however  it does not hurt to have an extra well trained and qualified set of eyes and ears from an agency such as ours. We are both proactive and reactive.



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Founder & Owner

As the founder of METRO-COUNTY ENFORCEMENT SERVICES, Chief Mahalko brings over 18 years of combined experience in both fugitive recovery and the private security field. As a Security Patrol Officer, Chief Mahalko patrolled high risk areas of communities plagued by violent crimes, gangs, and drug activities. While serving as a Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent, Chief Mahalko is responsible for locating and arresting fugitives, many of which are wanted for felony crimes of violence and drug related offenses.

Chief Mahalko Served in both the U.S. Army and the National Guard. As a Military Veteran, Chief Mahalko holds all current and former military members  in the highest regards and credits the military for its leadership influence.

Following military service, Chief Mahalko started his career in the private security industry working with some of the best known security patrol companies and quickly advanced to leadership roles as a Patrol Supervisor/Trainer. Chief Mahalko was later commissioned as a Special Police Officer and served as an Assistant Operations Commander with the rank of Sergeant.

Chief Mahalko's experience and training includes fugitive recovery, prisoner transport, suspect contact and control, conflict resolution, crowd control, traffic control, arrest procedures , handcuffing, firearms, pepper spray, baton, building searches, report writing, vehicle and foot patrol techniques, precision and emergency driving, funeral escorts, field investigations, team management, and much more.

Chief Mahalko went on to start two Fugitive Recovery Teams as well as a Security Patrol Agency which specialized in reducing instances of criminal activities often involving gang violence and drug related crimes in neighborhoods. This passion of service has led to the creation of METRO-COUNTY.

METRO-COUNTY  knows the most effective way do deter crime is to meet it face to face, on the ground in real time; Real time cannot happen if you aren't physically present to deter, detect, and take a responsive action to minimize the threat of loss or injury. While cameras and other "high tech" options are available, you simply cannot  resolve immediate issues through the lense of a camera.

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If you are ready to experience real peace of mind knowing your business interests and your residences are secure, contact us now to arrainge a meeting with one of our security specialists.