Our agency consist of multiple services. we will discuss each division in more details later.

MINIMUM AGE:  You must have reached the age of 21 for most positions in METRO-COUNTY. However if you are applying as a Dispatcher or other office position, then the minimum age is 18 years old.

EDUCATION: You must have a G.E.D. or High School Diploma.

MILITARY SERVICE: If you are a Veteran of any Federal or State  branch of Military Service, you must have had an Honorable Discharge or a General Discharge under Honorable Conditions. You must provide us with a DD-214 or equivalent document reflecting your character of service.

CRIMINAL HISTORY & BACKGROUND CHECK: You must not have been convicted of any Felony within the past 10 years or disqualifying Misdemeanor within the past 5 years. Generally, certain crimes for dishonesty, sexual misconduct, drug trafficking or manufacturing, and organized crime are considered disqualifying offenses. If you are still interested in joining our team, we can discuss each case on an individual bases.

DRIVING RECORD: Prior to operating any vehicle owned by METRO-COUNTY, or on behalf of METRO-COUNTY, you must  have held a valid driver's license for at least the past 5 years. You must not have been convicted of any alcohol or drug related offense while operating a motor vehicle within in the past 5 years or twice within the past 10 years. You must not have more than 1 moving violation or accident within in the past 12 months or 2  within the last 36 months. (Please note: your driving record will be considered during the hiring process even if you do not intend on driving our equipment).

GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS: You must be of sound mental health, good physical condition, and have all of the following character traits: good moral character, courteous, professional, compassionate, passionate, dedicated, honest, loyal, self motivated, well groomed, good hygiene, and passionate about protecting  & serving  others.

STILL HERE? Good. If the above requirements did not discourage you, and if you are ready to take the next step, please continue reading.........

The process  to join our team is pretty straight forward. The following shows the steps you need to take leading to an offer of employment or contracting with our agency:

  1. Submit a resume via email to: chief.mahalko@gmail.com
  2. Once we review your resume, if approved, we will contact you with further instructions on obtaining an application and information on how to submit it to us.
  3. If we approve your application, you will be called in for an interview. Upon arrival to the interview, you will be given a basic written skills exam to complete before the interview starts.
  4. You will need to be fingerprinted for your background checks and you will need to submit a fingerprint card to us for your file. If you are hired or contracted with METRO-COUNTY, background check fees and fingerprint costs will be reimbursed to you after you have been in service for 90 days.
  5. Once your background is reviewed, we will schedule another interview in person or for a phone conference to discuss any issues or concerns, if any, regarding your background check.
  6. After you have cleared steps 1-5, we will schedule a pre-employment drug screening test.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS! You will be eligible for hire, we will schedule orientation, training and job placement ASAP.